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Kimchi Reubens


The reuben is my most favorite sandwich of all time, and this variation was phenomenal. If you’ve never tried kimchi, don’t be scared – it isn’t much different from sauerkraut, but lends a spicier flavor.




I enjoy rye bread, but finding options at the store that aren’t loaded with scary ingredients is quite a task! So I used this bread by Food for Life. It is great!




The trick with these is to heat the skillet just below medium heat (my stove goes from 1-10 and I set it to 4) – cooking each side for several minutes to allow the sandwich to heat through without burning the bread. Here’s the assembly process:







Easy stuff, huh? This is a quick and easy dinner. I served the sandwich with some roasted veggies.


kimchi reubens recipe.jpg

kimchi reubens recipe (2).jpg


The Recipe

Kimchi Reubens
Adapted from Cooking Light

Makes 4 Sandwiches



  1. In a small bowl, combine the mayo, shallots, pickels, pepper and ketchup. Divide this between all 8 slices of bread, spreading a thin layer on each.
  2. Layer the corned beef, roast beef, swiss cheese, then the kimchi. Spray the top of the sandwich with cooking spray and place top down in a skillet heated just below medium heat. Spray the alternate side with cooking spray and turn after several minutes, when the cheese has begun to melt. Heat until sandwich is warm and bread is toasted.


Nutrition: 1/4th recipe – 418 calories, Fat 12.4g, Carbs 36.5g, Protein 34g



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