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Ford Mustang Logo Cake

I had the opportunity to make another cake, this time for a little boy who loves Mustangs. Originally I think the idea was to carve and cover a cake that was actually shaped liked the car - but my skills are definitely not there yet, so I went with the logo only! After doing some browsing on Pinterest I saw some tire shaped cakes and thought that would be a great thing to attempt. This is only my second cake but I think I have improved since my daughter's ice cream cone shaped cake.

Specs: 2 9" rounds of Toba Garrett's yellow cake (the best yellow cake recipe I've ever had in my life), with Toba's decorator's buttercream recipe (also an exceptional recipe). I covered it with pre-mixed black Satin ice fondant. Luckily there are treads going all the way around, because I really mucked it up when I was covering it! The logo is all fondant and the metallic parts are white fondant covered with color dust / luster dust (I mixed it with lemon juice and painted it on in a couple of coats). One thing I didn't really think through was the height of the logo, so I ended up needing to support the horse's head and tail underneath with balls of fondant so it wouldn't break or crack.

Here is exactly what I used for the treads (I cut them out of the fondant with a sculpting tool).


And this is the font I used for the letters (I printed on paper and then cut out of fondant): CGF Locust Resistance

This was the prototype, i.e. me just throwing something together to see how it would work out. Pretty hideous huh!?



And here is the finished cake:


Ford Mustang Logo Tire Cake

Ford Mustang Logo Tire Cake

Ford Mustang Logo Tire Cake

Ford Mustang Logo Tire Cake

Ford Mustang Logo Tire Cake

Ford Mustang Logo Tire Cake

Ford Mustang Logo Tire Cake


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