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Freebie - A grocery list conducive to healthy shopping, and thus healthy eating

One of the biggest ways I save time is by making grocery shopping as quick and painless as possible. The last thing you want to do is go in and walk around aimlessly, which inevitably leads to backtracking to aisles located on the other end of the store, forgetting things and just feeling frustrated about grocery shopping altogether.

The key to an easy trip to the grocery store is to go organized. It takes a bit of preparation, yes, but taking a bit of time at home to write down your list is well worth not spending that extra time wandering around the store feeling lost and irritated.

Take some time to get to KNOW your grocery store. Go one day just to walk around and explore. You may find things you never knew they had and it will help you to remember where items you buy less frequently are located. This free downloadable grocery list template is specific to my local Dillons Marketplace – as in, the categories are in the exact order as the aisles I go down as I go through the store. I am providing it in Microsoft Word format so you may edit it as necessary!

Having your list in the same order as your trip through the store is SO helpful. I am in and out in no time, even when buying a whole week’s worth of groceries. And the best thing is – no backtracking!

The space under each category is also conducive to healthy shopping. You’ll notice that the produce and natural foods sections are the largest, while categories that typically contain a lot of pre-packaged and processed foods are smallest, like the frozen foods section and boxed cookies/crackers/snacks. I encourage you to edit these as well, to reflect your shopping style.

Download Microsoft Word File Here

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