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What to do with all those Clothes that Don't Fit - ThredUp?

I have a ton of nice clothing items that no longer fit me due to my weight loss and I'll admit it - I'm not a garage sale / eBay / Craigslist / anything like that kind of person (takes too much time). I recently stumbled across ThredUp and found it immediately alluring. Essentially, it's online consignment. They send you a bag (free), you pack up your items and return the bag (free), and they give you a payout for your things that sell. Seems like easy stuff! I ordered a bag and just received it today.




Prior to ordering the bag, I read through the requirements and it sounds like they are very picky about items (nothing wrong with that). There are a lot of brands they do not accept, like Tommy Hilfiger, Carter's, Aeropostale and anything from Walmart just to name a few. Other standards are shown below, like no fading/piling/visibly worn items.


If you're curious about what brands they accept or an approximate payout for a specific item, you can use their calculator.




If you want your items back, you can purchase "Return Assurance" for $12.99 and those that are not accepted or don't sell will be returned to you. Otherwise, they donate them on your behalf. I did not purchase the return assurance because I really do not care to have anything returned - if I make money for it, fine, if not - at least it's out of the way and will be donated to charity!

Here's some of the things I will be including in my bag:

Silver Brand Jeans

Maurice's Brand Jeans

Seven7 Brand Jeans

Dresses from ModCloth (various brands)

Maurice's Brand Tops

Forever21 Brand Tops

Torrid Brand Tops


I will post an update and ThredUp review when I get my things sent in and see how much I can get for them! I'm really excited to give this a try.

Stay tuned...


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